Wow, this time of year can be so busy.  The season starts changing on us rapidly, the cold starts rushing in; if you live up here in Washington State then that means the rain starts coming too!  Leaves start changing, the holiday hustle seems to come out of no where, plans start being made for trick or treating, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  I don’t know about you but the 4th quarter seems to sneak up on me

Now that we have covered protecting your dwelling what happens to all of the stuff inside it?  Great question! Your homeowners policy has coverage for protecting your stuff, I mean lets face it what would we do without our XBox or PlayStation’s right!  Okay, all joking aside let’s discuss how your personal property is covered by first defining what personal property is; to do so I am going to need your imagination a little bit. Let’s

Okay, so we have discussed the dwelling coverage listed on your homeowners declarations policy now we move onto separate structures. Separate Structures coverage is usually 10% of the dwelling amount but it can be increased and in some types of policies reduced or removed it just depends on the type of policy and the insurance provider.  One of the most common questions I am asked when going through the coverage on a homeowners policy is: “Why do I need to have

The first line in your declarations page or the quote you receive from an insurance provider will most likely be Dwelling. Dwelling is probably the simplest portion of your policy but if overlooked this coverage could cost you a fortune!  To put it simply, if you experienced a total loss of your home due to a covered peril (i.e. Fire) this would be the amount the insurance company would pay to rebuild your home from the

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