Liability coverage, now this is a huge topic and one that I will have to tackle in several posts over the life of this blog..

To begin lets start by asking where does your liability stop?

  • When you are walking down the street?
  • When you get out of your car at the local shopping center?
  • How about if you are playing golf and accidentally hit somebody with your golf ball?
  • What if a tree from your property lands on your neighbors car?

Any thoughts? Well the answer is your liability never ends, it goes everywhere you go! However, that doesn’t mean that your homeowners policy will cover in all of those circumstances, your specific coverage will be detailed in your policy jacket.

Generally speaking, your liability portion of your homeowners policy will provide coverage for your liability up to the limit outlined on the declarations page in almost every circumstance except when your driving a vehicle and without a business endorsement it usually wont extend coverage to any business being conducted out of your home. Keep in mind that this is a general answer and doesn’t apply to all home owners insurance policies.

For more information regarding this coverage, feel free to schedule a review of your insurance policy by calling 888-568-HUNT (4868).