Separate Structures

Okay, so we have discussed the dwelling coverage listed on your homeowners declarations policy now we move onto separate structures.

Separate Structures coverage is usually 10% of the dwelling amount but it can be increased and in some types of policies reduced or removed it just depends on the type of policy and the insurance provider.  One of the most common questions I am asked when going through the coverage on a homeowners policy is: “Why do I need to have coverage for separate structures on my policy?”  Generally this is asked when a homeowner doesn’t have any other structures (buildings) on their property.  However, Separate  Structures actually covers more than just other buildings and can often times be confused as coverage for another building simply because of the name.  For example, this coverage could also be used to cover a fence on the property, a greenhouse, a shed, etc.  It doesn’t however cover decorative items in your yard such as water fountains, bird baths, gnomes, or those fancy pink flamingo’s, etc. this would most likely be covered under the Personal Property section of the homeowners policy which we will discuss in our post next week.

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