Personal Property

Now that we have covered protecting your dwelling what happens to all of the stuff inside it?  Great question!

Your homeowners policy has coverage for protecting your stuff, I mean lets face it what would we do without our XBox or PlayStation’s right!  Okay, all joking aside let’s discuss how your personal property is covered by first defining what personal property is; to do so I am going to need your imagination a little bit.

Let’s imagine you pick up your house, take the roof off, turn it over and give it a good shake.  Everything that falls out of your home, including your appliances, dishes, furniture, etc. is considered your personal property.  However in most cases this does not include your car so take it out of the garage before you flip the house over and shake out all of your stuff!  We will discuss auto policy coverage in another post at a later date.

Now that you have a good idea on just what personal property coverage is, let’s discuss some of its limitations.  Most policies, at least in Washington State, limit your personal property coverage in certain areas such as cash, guns, computers, and jewelry.  There are often times also limitations on what your personal property can cover for business use too; ever take home a company laptop? You could be financially responsible for replacing it should something happen to it when not at work and your policy may limit you on what they will cover if you don’t have an endorsement for this type of scenario.  It is also important to note that your policy may have other limitations and it is important to discuss them with your agent as soon as possible!  Don’t wait till the last-minute only to find out you didn’t have coverage.

Did you know that your homeowners policy covers your personal property even when it isn’t at home?   It’s true, depending your homeowners policy and the company it is written through, you may have coverage for items when traveling abroad, items you currently have in storage at a storage facility, or even if it was taken from your car!

If you have questions regarding this type of coverage, discuss it with your agent or feel free to call us toll-free at 1-888-568-HUNT (4868).


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